Timber Windows

Our range of timber windows

Whether it is traditional you are looking for or something a little more modern, Westcott Windows supply beautiful timber windows around Exeter and Devon Рincluding a fitting service Рto transform your home to something you have always wanted.

All of our timber windows are produced using multi-layered hardwood, making them strong and resilient, with no warping or twisting. Our high quality range of timber windows includes: sash, flush casement, stormproof and tilt and turn. And not only do they look fantastic, they perform brilliantly when it comes to thermal efficiency, security (Pas24 certified) and smooth reliable functionality.

All our timber windows are made-to-measure, so you will always get the exact window that you want, in the finish that best fits your property.

Double Glazed Stormproof Casement Windows

Stormproof windows, or ‘lipped casements’ provide protection from the elements in exposed areas. The lipped window ensures that moisture in extreme weather conditions is kept out.

Double Glazed Timber Tilt Turn Windows

Easy to access and easy to clean, timber Tilt and Turn windows offers wide opening windows for lots of fresh air, double glazed and finished beautifully with paint or stain for excellent weather protection.

Double Glazed Timber Sash Windows

Beautiful sash windows that function as good as they look, gone are rattling, draughty wooden windows of old – these are performance sash windows, restoring homes to their former glory.

Double Glazed Flush Casement Windows

Double glazed flush casement windows suit all properties from cottages to modern apartments. The accessories and hardware can all be chosen in colours to match or complement existing accessories.

Exceptional service from Kevin and his team. A massive thank you, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.